On the eve of launch

This is another book I can’t wait to dig into. I beta read the first half of it, but I haven’t seen the end yet and I NEED TO READ IT hnngh! Silly edits, keeping me from my reading. Last year I declared December to be a “catch up on leisure reading” month. I might do the same this year, if my edits are finished by then.

P.D. Singer

SpokesRemember that book I’ve been talking about? With the cyclist and the journalist, and the serious road racing in Europe? Guess what–it’s live!

Okay, getting the sneak peek print copies out for GayRomLit kept me away from  the blog, and then I partied hard enough in Atlanta that when I came home to  format the ebook, I introduced a couple of, erm, challenges in the formatting. They’re gone now, but so are my opportunities to tantalize you with snippets.

Spokes goes live all over (she hopes: one can’t make promises for etailing giants) tomorrow. In anticipation of Barnes and Noble and Kobo taking a while, I tried sneaking up on them. They laughed and got Spokes live days sooner than any other of Rocky Ridge’s titles. (Check here and here.)  All Romance eBooks will go live in the wee hours of the morning. And Amazon? Well, I expect to…

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