Free Reads

Note: Unless otherwise stated, Excerpts are ARC quality and may not have received a final proof-reading.

Inertia, Chapter One

Watching the Handyman (Inertia supplemental ficlet)

Just what prompted Gavin to begin flirting with Derrick? Written for a Thousand-Word Thursday challenge over at Cryselle’s Bookshelf, we get a glimpse into Gavin’s thoughts as he watches his new handyman work.

Frottage In the Morning (Inertia deleted scene)

Over at Coffee and Porn in the Morning I shared a smut scene that didn’t make the final cut for Inertia. Check it out!

Frottage on the Kitchen Floor (Inertia, Chapter Thirteen excerpt)

Yeah, I kinda love frotting. There’s a reason the “morning” scene above didn’t make the final cut, and it’s because this spicy scene immediately preceded it.

Acceleration, Chapter One

This chapter has been available as a supplement at the end of Inertia for some time, but I finally decided to share it here.


Another offering for the Thousand-Word Thursday challenge over at Cryselle’s Bookshelf. This short ficlet is set sometime around the beginning of Acceleration and gives a little insight into Derrick’s thoughts on becoming a lover.

Excerpt from Acceleration, Chapter Seven

Released in time for Halloween!

Excerpt from Acceleration, Chapter Eight

Brandon Shire hosted me for an interview, wherein I decided to offer readers a sneak peak at a pivotal chapter from Acceleration.

Excerpt from Velocity, Chapter One

This chapter is available as a supplement at the end of Acceleration as well.

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    I’m new to your books. I read, revise and review except previews

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