The Impulse trilogy
Inertia (#1)
Acceleration (#2)
Velocity (#3)

The Strain Saga

Saugatuck Series
The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams (FREE!)
Saugatuck Summer
Risk Aware (coming soon)

Player vs. Player Series
Player vs. Player
Swatted (coming soon)

The Professor’s Rule (Written with Heidi Belleau)
Giving an Inch (#1)
An Inch at a Time (#2)
Inch by Inch (#3)
Every Inch of the Way (#4)
To the Very Last Inch (#5)

The Professor’s Rule: The Complete Collection

The Laird’s Forbidden Lover (a Scottish Highlands Historical)

3 responses to “Books

  1. Richele

    Wow! I feel like I just hit the jackpot discovering this page. Apart from the Impulse Trilogy I have read all of your books. However, I’m dying to know will Risk Aware (Saugatuck Series) feature a new couple or one we’ve already met?

    Also, is Swatted (Player vs. Player series) featuring Jordan and his HEA or someone else?

    Last question, I promise (maybe :D). Any chance you plan to revisit Bryce & Vale? I would love to read about Bryce’s official training. 😀

    • Somehow I only just now found this comment. Sorry.

      Risk Aware is about Geoff and Robin, who were the couple who sort of took Topher in during Saugatuck Summer, so it’s a bit of a prequel. You get to see Jace before he meets Topher, as a supporting character.

      Swatted IS about Jordan. And it’s going to be very, very hairy.

      Bryce and Vale–I definitely WANT to revisit them. Problem is, I need to figure out how to package the idea. Series of shorts don’t actually sell that well, so it doesn’t look like a publisher is going to want it in that format. Which means I either need to self-publish Houseboy: Initiation (which means incurring all the related expenses to doing that, since it’s no longer available for purchase) and then self-publish any subsequent books, or I need to fold Houseboy into a full novel and continue their story that way, which hopefully would be more appealing to a publisher.

      I’m not sure when I’ll get around to that. Right now I have so many other things in the hopper: Risk Aware, Swatted, the continuation of Chris and Matt’s story from The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams (in which Topher will be a very big supporting character; it’s going to be awesome), a book about Brendan from Saugatuck Summer, possibly a book about Rosie from PvP, and the list goes on.

      So we’ll see.

  2. Richele

    Thanks for answering all of my questions!

    While I would love more Bryce & Vale. 🙂 I totally got distracted by the reveal of Chris & Matt’s story continuing (I LOVED their novella). So in other words, your very busy writing schedule will keep me plenty distracted. 🙂

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