More Saturday Snark!

Over on Marie Sexton’s blog, she hosts a hilarious blog hop feature called Saturday Snark. I’ve been a bit frustrated watching it happen each week, because Inertia is a little short on humor. Derrick and Gavin were both too nervous to come out and play much. In the upcoming Book Two, Acceleration, the boys finally get comfortable enough to relax and start having a bit more fun with things, and another projects I’m presently working on is just LOADED with snark. I can’t wait until it’s published so I can begin sharing it. But for now, have another offering from Inertia,

“Glad I thought to ask the model when you called,” he said with an easy-going shrug, pulling out a new strike plate. Business as usual. It had been easy to guess which part was broken from the way Gavin had described the problem. But the deliberate damage caught him off-guard.

So much for not escalating the game.

“See this sort of thing often, do you?” Gavin asked slyly.

He didn’t know if he was witty enough to meet Gavin entendre for entendre, but he was damn sure gonna try.

“Nope,” he said, pulling out a screwdriver and removing the screws that held the mangled strike plate in place. “Can’t say this has ever happened before.”

“That’s a surprise. I would think your phone would be ringing non-stop for these sorts of repairs.” Derrick flushed, but he didn’t have long to consider the implied compliment. Gavin’s voice was a little softer as he asked, “Should I do something differently to prevent this from happening in the future?”

“Well, what happened here is a sort of fluke.” Derrick held up the bent piece of metal, meeting Gavin’s eyes as frankly as he could, considering that what they were talking about wasn’t actually what they were talking about. “I don’t mind the extra work a bit, but I’m sure chances of it happening again are slim. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

Gavin nodded, biting his lower lip. “Ah. That’s a relief.”

“Yeah. Maybe next time just try to be a bit more careful with hammers around your dishwasher.”


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4 responses to “More Saturday Snark!

  1. Absolutely one of my favorite moments in the book! 🙂

    • Mine too! I was really pleased the boys decided to come out to play for that scene. I can’t wait to release book two. There’s one scene so full of banter, and one truly groan-worthy pun, that I start grinning every time I think about it.

  2. Gotta love a sideways conversation. 🙂 Love the subtle snark of this!

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