A big shout-out to PD Singer, btw, both for beta reading and for becoming my consultant vis a vis Gavin’s Judaism, a factor which plays a significant role in the upcoming third book (which, once again, I REALLY wish I could have released this month, since it deals with Derrick and Gavin as they move through December.)

P.D. Singer

Acceleration-ecover-600x900I was delighted to spend some time beta-ing for Amelia Gormley recently (meaning I got to read Book 2 of her wonderful Inertia series sooner than anyone else–nyah nyah, oh, oops. Sorry. ) and we spent some time discussing what holidays might be like for an interfaith family, since her protag Gavin has one Jewish parent and one Christian parent. I’m  handy because I’m the Jewish parent in a similarly blended family.

And in the course of this discussion I told a little story on myself, to which her reaction was “Snork!” So I figure you guys might as well laugh at me too. It’s about the Marital Unit’s and my first Christmas tree, early in our marriage.

This is where I confess to being extremely unobservant. Not as a Jew (well, there is that too) but as a person who looks at things. I’ve seen decorated trees all my…

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