5 stars to Ascending Hearts by Keira Andrews and Leta Blake

I’ve been very silent over the past few weeks due to illness and an unexpected quasi-deadline where I had thought I would have free time. Hopefully I will be posting more interesting material soon.

Tomorrow, Leta Blake will be appearing here on my blog sharing some of the artistic inspiration behind her newest novel co-written with Keira Andrews, titled Ascending Hearts. I read this last night and really, really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. I’m going to try my hand at inserting my GoodReads review here:

Ascending Hearts (Tempting Tales, #2)Ascending Hearts by Keira Andrews

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this latest Tempting Tales offering. Jack and Rion were great characters, two very different, nuanced men, each in his own way trapped in his circumstances. As with the first Tempting Tales book, Earthly Desires, I think what I found most compelling was the history behind the story. Leta and Keira have a way of exploring how the characters became who they are and how their circumstances evolved that is just endlessly fascinating to me. They also construct one situation which I always find very heart-rending, which is where the characters find themselves at an impasse where they desperately WANT to be together, but simply can’t.

My only complaint is that at about 9% of the way through the book, there is one paragraph that I suspect the wording of which is pretty important, because (I suspect) it’s a carefully constructed bit of double-speak that traps Jack into a certain situation, but somehow it came out as complete gibberish. This is no fault of the authors or the writing; Ellora’s Cave (the publisher) needs to be more careful about their formatting and editing.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me tomorrow and for this wonderful review. We’re so pleased you enjoyed the book! Thank you, especially, for pointing out the formatting problem. We’ve alerted EC and they are fixing it as we speak.

    I sure hope you recover from your illness soon. This winter has been a nightmare for sickness for everyone it seems. Also, good luck on the quasi-deadline. I believe in you! 🙂

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