One of those moments in life

Boychild – Six days old (June 2007)

Tomorrow will be the six-year anniversary of the day my five-and-a-half-day labor ordeal ended and this little guy entered my life.

Just a few minutes ago, I went out to the living room to see him wearing a new outfit. He’s had the shirt for some time, but the long cargo shorts are new. And he’s never worn that baseball cap before, much less turned it around backward like that.

Suddenly he wasn’t a little boy anymore. Suddenly he looked like a big boy.

Which I suppose he is.

Today he looks like this:

Boychild 6 years old (May 2013)

Boychild 6 years old (May 2013)

And so, in honor of this event, I’m going to spam a few pics. For T, my darling boy, I love you.

Boychild 10 weeks old (August 2007)

Boychild 4 months old (September 2007)

Boychild at 14 months (August 2008)

Boychild – 2.5 years (Christmas, 2009)

Boychild on his 3rd birthday (May 2010)

Boychild in his preschool picture, 4 years old (September 2011)

Tristan May 26 2013

And here he is today, on the eve of his 6th birthday (May 2013)

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