#TeaserTuesday from Strain: Meet Xolani

Xolani is for many, many reasons my favorite side-character in the cast of Strain, my post-apocalyptic novel due from Riptide in January. I just adore her so much. Since I’ve been using #SevenSentenceSunday to introduce characters and elements from Strain, I thought I would do it here, too.

“Fuck this noise.” Darius threw up his hands in defeat. “It ain’t my job to baby the civvies.”

He heard Xolani sigh behind him. “The profundity of your compassion makes me weep.”

“They teach you those big words in med school?”

“Taught me a few short ones, too. The kind with four letters. Wanna hear ’em?”

“Go saw some bones or something and get off my ass.”

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