An unusual request

I have a guest blog I need to write, and I’m coming up blank for topics.

Part of the problem is that my two upcoming releases that I have very strong feels about (Strain and Saugatuck Summer) are both so far out on the calendar that talking about them feels…I dunno, premature? Like, the discussion will be long gone before anyone besides me and my editor can actually apply it to the book in question.

An Inch at a Time (The Professor’s Rule #2) will be released around the time that my guest blog is scheduled, but, again, I’m coming up blank on what to discuss in that one.

So, I’m turning to you, my handful-of-readers-who-actually-check-my-blog. I was thinking I might do a Q&A. Do you have questions about any of my works, the ones that have already been released or the ones that are coming soon, or about me as an author?

The field is open. Comment to this message, or contact me via the form on my “About” page if you’d like a question answered!


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2 responses to “An unusual request

  1. Hi Amelia, Here’s a question on behalf of potential new readers. Of all your available titles which do you think would be the best for someone who has just started to read LGBT fiction, and which is the best for getting a real feel of your work? Oops thaty’s kind of two. 🙂

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