Sneak peak at THE HOUSEBOY: INITIATION (from UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: An M/M Military Bundle) coming in October

As promised, I’m sharing an excerpt from my upcoming novella The Houseboy: Initiation, which will be published in the Unconditional Surrender M/M military bundle in October. I’ll put it under a cut, and warn you here that the story contains a significant age difference between the characters, BDSM, virginity kink, a gangbang, objectification and a whole bunch of other kinky things that might be uncomfortable for some readers.

“Ever think that you wouldn’t like the reality?” Vale was trying to choose his words with care again. “Sometimes the fantasy sounds a lot better.”

“I pretty much know I wouldn’t like a lot of it. I don’t—I don’t want to like it.” Something in Vale’s eyes flickered, and Bryce looked away again. He needed to say this, to get it out in the open, no matter how stupid it might be. “What if it’s not feeling good that I want?”

“Maybe you should go find some nice college boy and have some vanilla sex ’til you get your legs under you. Walk before you run, son. Come back to that later.”

Humiliation seared a crimson swath across Bryce’s cheeks, followed quickly by anger, and he heard himself lashing out before he could think twice.

“Don’t call me son unless you want me to call you Daddy,” he sneered, shooting to his feet. Vale honest-to-God blanched, his eyes darkening. “You know how many times you’ve brought up my age since we walked in here? Don’t fucking talk down to me like that. Okay, fine, so I’m a virgin. So what? So I never screwed some girl I wasn’t really into while I was trying to pretend to be straight. Big deal. Does that mean I can’t know what I want? You know what I hear every time I hear someone talking about how they lost their virginity? I hear how mediocre it was. How it was awkward and uncomfortable and how they’d settled for getting it out of the way without really caring how they did it, or how they’d built it up in their head to be this huge thing and then it turned out to be no big deal.”

“Bryce—” Vale held his hand up with a placating gesture, but it was too late to stop the torrent. 

“You know why I ended up in trouble tonight? That’s why. The condom thing was just an excuse. The truth was, I just decided at the last minute that I didn’t want some lame-ass memory about how I gave it up in the back seat to someone whose name I couldn’t even remember five minutes after he told it to me. And maybe I wouldn’t like the reality if I tried to go after what I really want, but at least I’d have a better story to tell about my first time than ‘I settled.’”

He broke off, panting, and stared in dread at the way Vale’s jaw flexed and his hands clenched on his knees. All his anger left him in a rush and Bryce’s shoulders drooped. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have talked to you that way. I’ll—I guess I’d better find somewhere else to stay. Sorry.”

“How about you just quit fucking assuming you know what I’m thinking?” Vale snapped and pushed himself up off the sofa. “Unlike your parents, my commitments aren’t conditional. I offered you my home and support and I’m not going to renege on that just because you raised your voice. Now, come on. We’re going home.”

Shamefaced, Bryce trailed after Vale as he waved goodbye to his friends and comrades and led Bryce down the street to his truck. Bryce spent the ride back to the house wearily wondering just how badly he’d screwed things up, and Vale didn’t seem inclined to relieve his anxiety with conversation. He just preceded Bryce into the house and caught the door to the basement when Bryce would have opened it and retreated to his room. He held it closed, trapping Bryce against it.

“Three things,” Vale growled, sending conflicting pulses of fear and arousal through him. “First: The next time you offer to call me Daddy, you’d better fucking well mean it. Second: I won’t kick you out for yelling at me, but you speak to me in a tone like that again, I will lay my belt across your ass until you can’t sit for a week, and I don’t make idle threats. And third—” Bryce gasped and then moaned as Vale thrust his hand deep into Bryce’s front pocket. An eternity seemed to pass as he groped Bryce’s cock, squeezing through the layers of fabric. Bryce groaned, instantly hard and teetering on the edge of blowing his load in his pants, and pumped his hips forward, seeking more.

But then Vale’s hand was gone. He held up Bryce’s phone and waggled it in front of his face. “—No more going out until I get a good idea of what you’re cruising for. Now go to bed and don’t even think of beating off.”

UnconditionalSurrender_400x600About The Houseboy: Initiation:

After fleeing his family home, 18-year-old Bryce Coldridge finds shelter with Fowler Vale, an intimidating veteran who seems an unlikely candidate to be anyone’s savior. But Vale has unsuspected depths. A chance discovery made perusing Vale’s bookshelves ignites a spark in Bryce that isn’t going to be extinguished until Vale stakes his claim.


Strong. Sexy. Sizzling.

There’s nothing like a man in uniform, and sixteen of today’s hottest gay romance authors are celebrating military heroes and the men brave enough to love them.

These brand-new novellas feature all branches of the service and offer something for every reader. Almost 300,000 never before published words!

The bundle is up for pre-order if you would like go that route, and here are the links:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
All Romance eBooks
Barnes & Noble

 This weekend, ARe is having a 30% rebate in honor of Labor Day, so you might want to take advantage of that!

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