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It’s finally official! Announcing Strain!

I’m pleased to announce that today I signed the contract with Riptide for Strain.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Strain is a novel I wrote back in September for Riptide’s open call for post-apocalyptic stories. Set in the not-so-distant future, Strain tells the story of 19-year-old Rhys Cooper and 43-year-old Darius Murrell, two very different men thrown together in extreme circumstances. Predicated on a fuck-or-die trope, which by its very definition is dub-con, this book is a lot grittier than my usual offerings. It examines the extremes people will go to in order to live, and just what morals and ethics they’re willing to compromise in a world where survival has become the ultimate ideology.

This has been a really intense book to write, so I’m glad its finally in motion and heading toward publication. Anticipated release date is in January, 2014.


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