Reviews for Acceleration: Impulse, Book Two


Reviews for Acceleration

5 Hearts
“Again, as in Inertia, there isn’t one thing I didn’t like about Ms. Gormley’s writing style or ability to tell a story. I simply loved this book. I just love Derrick, period. I think this trilogy (Velocity is the third and hopefully coming soon!) is basically a portrait in how  someone who has been through so many losses and has stifled his emotions for so long, learns to let go and take a chance (pun intended?) on love, even if it means facing more death. It’s about overcoming intense pain and heartache and learning to open oneself to being vulnerable for oneself and for one’s lover…Highly Recommended.” Aggie for Hearts on Fire Reviews

5 stars
“This is probably one of my favourite m/m series.  There is just something special in the writing and how the characters come alive to the point I feel as much as they do.  It always says a lot about an author when they can draw out emotions while you read the story.  And not just lust or anger, but passion and a love beyond just caring.” Terri reviewing for M/M Romance Reviews

5 stars
“The writing once again was excellent. The way the author went about telling this story was amazing…I am looking forward to the next book in the series because Derrick and Gavin have won a piece of my heart and I can’t wait to visit with them again.” Shirley for LeAnn’s Book Reviews

5 sweet peas and a Recommended Book
“Amelia Gormley’s ACCELERATION is going to be listed among my favorite books. This is a love story, not a romance, not simply an erotic tale, but a story of the power of love…I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who loves watching a love match develop between two people who deserve happiness. Ms Gormley is a brilliant writer who uses words to paint a picture and describe the unspeakable.” Mrs. Condit of Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

4 stars
“ACCELERATION is a very good MM romance of two men trying to find an emotional balance in their highly sexual relationship. I still love these characters from book one and can’t wait for the third book for the resolution I need…I’m a sucker for an established relationship romance and this is an example of why I love the sub-genre. I liked Gavin and Derrick in book one of the series as they get together but this second book is sweeter because the men have to figure out what it means for them to be a committed couple. The men have no trouble connecting sexually but emotionally they have a lot to learn. Readers like me who enjoy a well-balanced erotic and emotional read will love watching the wary Derrick and the resilient Gavin dance around their emotional intimacy.” J9 for The Romance Reviews 

4.5 stars
“I’m completely hooked on these guys, no question about that. This serial is one-hundred percent character driven and is an erotic interface of psychological boundaries and sexual release and relationships 101. I want to stick around and play voyeur in their bedroom, and I want to follow them headlong into all the challenges they still have coming their way in the next book, Velocity.” Lisa for The Novel Approach

5 stars
Emotionally RichIntense but energisingPowerfulHonestEngrossing…Ms Gormley has given her readers a very powerful follow-up story to Inertia, the first book in her Impulse trilogy and I for one could not be happier. Of course the flip side to this is that I now have to wait for the third and final story—Velocity… patience has never been one of my stronger virtues.” Kathy at Yin and Yang Reviews

Grade: C+
“I like this author’s voice. Her books flow really well and pull you in. She writes great, intense romance scenes. If you like super angsty, over the top intense sex scenes, you will like this book. I recommend you start with Inertia, to get the full background on these two guys. I’ll definitely be picking up book three.” Mandi for SmexyBooks

Grade: B
“In the second installment of the Impulse Trilogy, we get what I was hoping for in the first book: added depth. Gavin and Derrick have grown from flirtation and attraction to something beyond, and while the lust is still there (boy, is it ever!) they’ve come to realize they mean something to each other.” Anita for GayList Book Reviews

Grade: B
“[The writing] is very good. I feel completely swept up in these characters and their lives.  I feel connected to them and their love story.  There’s a lot of sex here, and it’s a big part of the focus. I’m thinking that is just a tool to show where these two are in their relationship and –other than the kink that’s not my cuppa– I think it’s pretty hot, with attention to detail.  The author is great at bringing me into the moment, both in the bedroom and in the emotional angst of the story…I will definitely be back for Impulse.  I really want these two to find a way to make it work.” Jen for Red Hot Books

5 stars
Ms. Gormley does a wonderful job of describing their uncertainties and desires…The story will keep you interested and waiting for the third book in the series. A wonderful contemporary romance with real life issues that will leave you begging for more.” Zafira for The Jeep Diva

5 stars
“I had wondered how Gormley was going to follow up her wonderful first novel, Inertia. If her characters would continue to keep me absorbed in their story and the momentum that was building to a meaningful relationship. Well, I shouldn’t have worried, Acceleration is a wonder of a novel all on its own and an marvelous sequel to a book I loved.

Gormley has given us two magnetic and endearing characters as the foundations to her stories. Derrick Chance is especially captivating. He has so many unexpected facets to his personality that it just amazes me as each new one is revealed…

Gormley gets it all right in her Impulse series, from the characterizations to the unique “voices” she has created for two men that capture our hearts and imaginations. When Acceleration ended, all I could think of what, “ok, what happens next?”. I want to know where our guys go from here…

So run, don’t walk to the computer and grab up this eBook for yourself. If you are new to this trilogy, go to the beginning and start with Inertia and then move on to this one. This series is one of my best for 2012 and the author quickly adding herself to my must buy list. You won’t be sorry, I promise you.” Melanie M for Joyfully Jay

4 stars
“As with the writing of book 1, I found the dialogue exciting and provoking.  One of my litmus tests of a quality read is if I find memorable quotes.  In this book, I found many, so many that I could not place them all within this review.  I found within Acceleration a strong theme that Gormley continues throughout the series.  I especially enjoy how Derrick’s struggles are examined and evolve, just like in real life, simply falling in love does not solve all of your problems.

Acceleration, book two in the Impulse series by Amelia C. Gormley is a well written book that explores the emotional journey of two emotionally injured men.  The book delves into a budding sexual relationship exploring BDSM.  I look forward to reading the final book in the series, Velocity to find the conclusion of this emotionally charged series.” Bea for Bea’s Hive Romance Book Reviews

Grade: B+
Acceleration is the second installment in Amelia C. Gormley’sabsolutely fabulous Impulse series. Picking up right where Inertia leaves off, Gavin and Derrick are still in the early days of their romance. Both men bring more than their fair share of emotional baggage with them and sometimes their relationship is practically smothered by the weight of it. But as the title promises, there is forward motion as these two men work to overcome the residual damage and insecurities from their respective pasts.

What I particularly like about the Impulse series is the unhurried pacing of the developing storylines. Gavin and Derrick have real problems that are not going to fixed overnight. Love does not magically make everything all right. True healing takes hard work and I love that Amelia C. Gormley is keeping this part of the plot so realistic. Is it frustrating at times? You better believe it! But that is what makes their progress so rewarding and believable and leaves readers anxiously awaiting Velocity, the final installment of Derrick and Gavin’s turbulent romance.” Kathy for Book Reviews and More by Kathy

“I’m very emotionally invested in Gavin and Derrick and am cheering for them all the way. I may not understand their actions all the time, but I do understand that they mean to be healing and constructive, not hurtful and destructive. Impulse 2 is even more consuming than the first story and I can hardly wait to see what the third book will bring for Gavin and Derrick. Thanks, Amelia, for your exquisite descriptions, both physical and emotional, in the story which help me understand and appreciate different lifestyles.” Lena Grey for Rainbow Book Reviews

Grade: A
“I really enjoyed the first installment of this series, but I enjoyed this one even more…I like where these two are at though and I only foresee good things for them, regardless. Now we need March (when book #3 releases) to get here soon because I am ready to read it…NOW!” Christi Snow for Smitten With Reading

4 stars
“You really need to give this series a chance if you enjoy a good love story…For this being a book missing female leads, the emotions are so strong and raw. Yes, I cried. Like a bitch.

There are some pretty effective ups and downs in the story. It really adds to the dynamic between Derrik and Gavin. It also incorporates more of the other non-leading characters in the book. Definitely some tear jerkers, and some ‘I’m sitting here smiling at my Kindle like a dumb ass’ moments.

I just love the way Amelia Gormley writes. She has a real talent for filling in the quiet spots with good sex and giving you an insatiable appetite for it too. The descriptions of the internal struggle that Derrik deals with really puts you in his shoes, well, in his work boots.” AshleyG for Reviewing Romance

4.5 stars
“When I finished Book 1 of this trilogy (Inertia, reviewed here) I was ready to spring into Book 2 right away. Fortunately, the author didn’t make me wait too long. (I know, Amelia Gormley is not my bitch. She should write faster anyway.)

There are still unresolved issues at the end of this story, but matters are truly accelerating, and I gobbled up the teaser for Book 3 that the author so evilly kindly included. Book 2 ends on a hopeful note, but it’s a tribute to the writer’s skill that even that hope carries enough foreboding to merit another full book to resolve.” Cryselle for Reviews by Jessewave

4.5 pants off
“I am blown away! Where I found the first book in the series goodish, this one was excellent. I did not want it to end, and Gavin and Derrick are INTENSE. I am excited for the next book and man am I impatiently waiting.

The writing is superb, the care that went into it, is in every chapter on every page. For a self-pub, it really can’t get any better than this (it really can’t). Acceleration is definitely going on my fave list of 2012; it was a wonderful surprise in awesmazing. Also, that freaking cover *squee* EXCELLENT!”

Should You Read It? Yes, yes, and more yes. Blew me out of the water because I was expecting to like it, not love it. Worth taking a chance on. I am eagerly awaiting the third book in the series; Derrick and Gavin have captured my heart and have caused some mega pants losing.” Darien Moya for Pants Off Reviews

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing how things work out into book three because there’s still a few loose ends to be tied up. Until then, I shall recommend this book with a grade of ‘Excellent’ to those who have read book 1 and are ready for more well written, character based romance.” Jenre for Jenre’s Well Read

4 halos
“I’m still smitten by these characters and cannot wait for the next book. I really want their relationship to work and love Gavin’s honesty in demanding more from Derrick. This is a wonderful romance.” Jonette for The Book Nympho

4.5 stars
“It’s hard not to fall in love with these guys. I have to admit to being a little bit addicted to them. It’s because we follow them so closely in their building relationship, in which they are still dealing with quite some issues. Talk about a character driven story!” Janna for Rarely Dusty Books

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