Reviews for Inertia: Impulse, Book One


Reviews for Inertia

Kit Moss Reviews: “Amelia Gormley is a natural storyteller.  This novel is compelling and the writing flawless.” – Kit Moss
Elisa Rolle’s Reviews and Ramblings: “This is an interesting debut, the plot…was well planned and the two main characters…sounded original and true.” – Elisa Rolle
Rainbow Book Reviews: “Thank you, Amelia, for a love story showing great promise, while whetting my appetite for more.” – Lena Grey
Night Owl Reviews: “I wanted more.” – Shaniqua Harris (Night Owl Top Pick!)
Tam Ames, Author: “It definitely caught me from the start and I read it pretty much all in one go.”

Five Stars:
Yin and Yang Reviews: “It didn’t take me long to be totally absorbed.” – Kathy (4.5 stars)
Smitten With Reading: “This book was a great start to the series and I can’t wait to see where this couple goes from here.” – Christi Snow (B+ rating)
The Jeep Diva: “Ms. Gormley’s tale of the two men is brilliant and endearing.” – Evelise
Bea’s Hive Romance Book Reviews: “I have put this author on my auto-buy list.” – Bea
Leta Blake, Author: “I thought this was a wonderful fall read.”
On Top Down Under: “Inertia is a lovely read. Beautifully written with excellent characterisations.” – Kazza K
MM Romance Reviews: “this book was a welcome change.” – Terri
Top to Bottom Reviews: “…she’s definitely going to be one of those must read authors for me. I loved every moment I spent reading this book.” – Gabbi
The Novel Approach: “Amelia C. Gormley has treated me to something that, as a reader, I love more than just about anything.” – Lisa Horan (4.5 stars)
LeAnn’s Book Reviews: “It was awesomeness wrapped in pretty bow!” – Shirley Frances
Hearts on Fire Book Reviews: “I tried to find something to criticize in this book, but I just couldn’t. I loved it very much.” – Aggie
Dark Divas Reviews: “Inertia is a wonderful beginning to Ms. Gormley’s new series,” – AJ (4.5 Divas)
Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books: “An excellent book that is part of what looks to be a great series.” – Becky Condit

Four Stars:
Jenre’s Well-Read: “Very gripping and highly romantic.” – Jenre (“Very Good” rating)
Book Lover’s Cozy Café: “This was a very good book to have my very first male on male experience in a book.” – Samantha
The Book Nympho: “I loved this story, full of romance and steam, with two very appealing characters.” – Jonetta
SmexyBooks: “Very sexy.” – Mandi (B- rating)
Book Reviews and More: “completely captivating.” – Kathy (B rating)
JoyfullyJay: “Gormley has done a wonderful job with her story.” – Melanie (Melanie’s Best of 2012 “Favorite First Novels”)
Reviewing Romance: “I feel in love with these boys.” [sic] – AshleyG
RedHot Books: “I am really looking forward to seeing where their story goes next in book two.” – Jen (B rating)
Rarely Dusty Books: “I liked how the relationship development between the main characters was handled.” – Janna
Pants-Off Reviews: “The book was really surprising and far surpassed what I expected.” – Darien Moya (3.5 Pants Off rating)
Romantic Book Affairs: “Inertia is a stellar debut by Miz Gormley.” – Letitia
GayList Book Reviews: “a very readable, enjoyable story” – Anita Mann (B- rating)
Reviews by Jessewave: “The writing is very fluid and the sex scenes very hot, and when the heck is Book Two out?” – Cryselle (4.25 stars)
The Romance Studio: “I was more than energized with this marvelous read.” – Beverly

Three Stars:
The Romance Reviews: “Derrick is…a stellar character.” – J9

Two Stars:

One Star:

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