Reviews for Velocity: Impulse, Book Three


4+ pants off
“The fact that these books are self-pubbed, and are so excellently written it should definitely be on everyone’s radar. The covers are gorgeous, the author’s talent is legit, and the Impulse series is easily one of my faves. Gavin and Derrick are strong characters with a wonderful story that people should go out and discover for themselves. I can’t recommend this enough!

Should You Read It? Seriously, you should go pick up all three books right now. Good point is that you don’t have to wait and gobble up all three, and lose your pants all over the place. Amelia Gormley is an author to keep on radar, because I expect big awesmazing things to follow.” Darien Moya for Pants Off Reviews

4.5 stars
“Amelia C. Gormley’s three part saga, beginning with Inertia, progressing toAcceleration, and now aiming for Velocity, has been an emotionally rewarding journey…If you like character driven stories that focus on the building of trust through adversity, then I would definitely recommend familiarizing yourselves with these men and this series.” Lisa for The Novel Approach

Grade B
“I think I’d recommend the trilogy to contemporary m/m romance fans, especially if you think BDSM is hot.” Jen for Red Hot Books

5 stars
“Velocity, the third book in the Impulse series by Amelia Gormley is my favorite in a set of books that all earned 5 sweet peas. We get a lot of loose ends wrapped up, sometimes in ways that are unexpected….[It]  is another beautifully written book by Amelia C. Gormley. I look forward to reading more by this talented author.” Becky Condit for Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books

5 stars
“I have reviewed all three books in the series and it has been added to my Favorite Series List. Amelia Gormley made me fall in love with the Derrick and Gavin when I read book one, I melted in book two and book three has skyrocketed my belief that patience and love truly conquers all.” Zafira for The Jeep Diva

Grade B
“I highly recommend this series.” Christi Snow for Smitten With Reading


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