Another Gavin ficlet!

I’ve mentioned this fact on a few author interviews, but most of those never ended up getting posted for some reason. As I indicated in the dedication of Inertia, I have one particular person to thank for the character of Gavin. Gavin is based on an original character a friend of mine created for a roleplay in which we both participated, as Derrick is based on an original character I created. It was her idea to see what would happen to the characters in a modern setting, and from there, the Impulse trilogy was born. I used Gavin with my friend’s full permission and she was holding my hand and cheering me on every step of the way through the creative process.

Someday she may take it upon herself to tell Gavin’s side of the story, but whether or not she does, for now she has decided to share this peek into Gavin’s head as he and Derrick move into the fall season together. I won’t call it fanfic, because she’s not a fan. She’s a co-creator of these characters, and I’m thrilled they still speak to her and urge her to words occasionally.

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