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First Chapter: Acceleration, Impulse Book Two

Though this first chapter has been available at the end of Inertia for some time, I just realized I had never posted it here. I will do so now. Also, be sure to check out the other bonus excerpt from Acceleration over at Brandon Shire’s blog!

Stay tuned at the end of October for a third excerpt coming to Top2Bottom reviews, along with the cover reveal for Acceleration!

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October 20, 2012 · 9:22 pm

Coming up Monday: a character interview with Gavin!

Monday, October 1 Gavin Hayes from Inertia will be over at Mrs. Condit’s answering reader questions. Gavin has been a bit of an enigma to readers, since Inertia was told from Derrick’s POV, so he decided it was time to step forward and help people get to know him. 😀 There will also be a review and a chance to win a copy of Inertia!

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Another Gavin ficlet!

I’ve mentioned this fact on a few author interviews, but most of those never ended up getting posted for some reason. As I indicated in the dedication of Inertia, I have one particular person to thank for the character of Gavin. Gavin is based on an original character a friend of mine created for a roleplay in which we both participated, as Derrick is based on an original character I created. It was her idea to see what would happen to the characters in a modern setting, and from there, the Impulse trilogy was born. I used Gavin with my friend’s full permission and she was holding my hand and cheering me on every step of the way through the creative process.

Someday she may take it upon herself to tell Gavin’s side of the story, but whether or not she does, for now she has decided to share this peek into Gavin’s head as he and Derrick move into the fall season together. I won’t call it fanfic, because she’s not a fan. She’s a co-creator of these characters, and I’m thrilled they still speak to her and urge her to words occasionally.

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Saturday Snark–Getting in on the fun!

So, I just learned about a great feature over at Marie Sexton’s blog called Saturday Snark. We are each to share something snarky or witty from our work. So today we get a snippet (naturally) from Derrick and Gavin in Inertia, as Derrick works to fix Gavin’s desk:

He didn’t realize Gavin had returned from checking out the dishwasher until he over-balanced when the foot snapped off the rusted bolt, sending him falling back onto his ass.

Gavin chuckled behind him. “You’re sure you don’t need help?”

“Just what is it you think you can do?” Derrick asked with a soft laugh as a blush inched up his neck. He bit his tongue when it occurred to him the answer might sound dismissive, rather than teasing.

Luckily, Gavin didn’t seem to be in a mood to take offense. “Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure I can contribute something. If only standing here looking pretty.”

“Well, we all have our talents,” Derrick said under his breath.

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