Any #gay men w/ #hemophilia, #VWD, etc book research NOT about HIV

Okay. I have been at this for days and I’m getting nowhere.

I’m researching a romance novel. It is told from the 1st person POV of a gay man living with a bleeding disorder.

Try Googling ANYTHING to do with homosexuality in conjunction with ANYTHING to do with bleeding disorders and not come up with almost exclusively results relating to HIV/AIDS.

While I know the gay hemophiliac’s outlook on HIV/AIDS is important, my character practices safe sex and isn’t dealing with that particular issue.

I need to know about his daily life, both the mundane and the complicated. I need to know how things feel physically and emotionally. I need to know how he deals with dating and sex and what pitfalls he encounters (it is a romance novel, after all.)

Please contact me using the form on the About page if you have any interest helping out with this endeavor. Thank you.


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7 responses to “Any #gay men w/ #hemophilia, #VWD, etc book research NOT about HIV

  1. This book deals with it rather realistically:

    I can’t remember if HIV is an issue in the book or not, but regardless it’s about a gay man with a bleeding disorder and how he deals with it is part of the book.

    • Thanks so much. I’m on it. Four days of searching and this book never came up in a single search.

      • Weird! It’s a pretty famous m/m romance book. One of the first that I could find in print on Amazon in the early 2000s. Almost no sex in it, and the characters are ouchy at times, but I think the author needed to give Danny a happy-ish ending after the Winter Birds book.

      • Heh. I’m mashing emails we’ve had about this and these replies. So, for those who aren’t aware, Winter Birds is the prequel to Comfort & Joy. It is NOT a romance. It’s a harrowing story that puts the romance in a very different light.

  2. Well, I was focusing my search more on living with hemophilia type support sites. It didn’t even occur to me to look for fiction books. I’ve been emailing around trying to find if people with bleeding disorders would be willing to correspond with me or point me in the right direction, searching every way I possibly can on Google, etc.

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