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Any #gay men w/ #hemophilia, #VWD, etc book research NOT about HIV

Okay. I have been at this for days and I’m getting nowhere.

I’m researching a romance novel. It is told from the 1st person POV of a gay man living with a bleeding disorder.

Try Googling ANYTHING to do with homosexuality in conjunction with ANYTHING to do with bleeding disorders and not come up with almost exclusively results relating to HIV/AIDS.

While I know the gay hemophiliac’s outlook on HIV/AIDS is important, my character practices safe sex and isn’t dealing with that particular issue.

I need to know about his daily life, both the mundane and the complicated. I need to know how things feel physically and emotionally. I need to know how he deals with dating and sex and what pitfalls he encounters (it is a romance novel, after all.)

Please contact me using the form on the About page if you have any interest helping out with this endeavor. Thank you.


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